Replacing your existing basement with a new foundation can be a daunting task. However, it's a decision more and more homeowners are making.

Replacing your basement can allow you to: remain in your family home stress-free; create new and beautiful liveable space to enjoy for years to come; realize long-term benefits including preserving or increasing the value of a home; spend less time and money versus building a new home; work with one company who ensures insurance and liability needs are met; create a legal rentable suite in your new basement and generate revenue.

We are committed to saving Saskatoon's heritage one home at a time and helping the environment! We do basements for new homes too!

CBRI can remove some of the stress to the homeowner of doing projects like this by handling the scheduling of the house lift, basement excavation, and new basement construction. You don't have to deal with as many trades as you normally would if you hired all the individual companies yourself.

As the industry grows and changes, so do the type of materials used to construct new basements. We have installed standard concrete, LOGIX ICF, and wooden basements. We can offer you expert advice as to the best type of basement to build according to your location and type of soil your house sits on.

CBRI works closely with reputable companies such as Neufeld Building Movers, New Age Foundations, and Custom Foundations to ensure the entire project of your basement replacement is done properly and efficiently.

All work will meet or exceed the National Building Code of Canada as well as the City of Saskatoon and Municipal Codes.

Older homes in Saskatoon are a part of Saskatoon's heritage. We pride ourselves that the work we do can actually keep the history of Saskatoon alive by homeowners being able to replace their deteriorating basements rather than destroy the entire house and build new. This also allows for landfills not being overextended with more waste from people destroying entire homes to replace them with new ones.

We encourage and promote the recycling of the old basement product if it is a recyclable material such as wood or concrete that has no metal or rebar throughout it. This is often the case of older concrete basements throughout Saskatoon.

By upgrading your basement to 9-foot or 10-foot walls it can also give you the opportunity to turn your basement into revenue as those small windows will be replaced with the size considered code by the National Code of Canada to legally have a rentable suite.

For further information regarding a project please contact us at 931-6183 or at the office of Neufeld Building Movers at 931-2249. We look forward to restoring your home to a fully usable space for you.

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